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Prep Guides

Preparing your boat or yacht for transport is one of the most vital steps to ensuring a successful boat transport without any delays.

Please download our FREE Boat Transport Prep Guide and Boat Transport Prep Checklist to get your vessel ready for moving day.

Float Plan

It’s a good idea whenever you’re planning a boat trip to file a float plan with someone who’s staying behind who you can depend on to notify authorities should you not check in or return as planned.

Download the FREE Float Plan, and be safe.  (USCG-Float-Plan.pdf)

Boat Names

The custom of naming and blessing new boats goes back thousands of years. The seas were always viewed with fear and a good dose of superstition, and naming a boat was considered by some a sign of respect. Consult this extensive list if you’re looking for a clever, creative or memorable boat name.

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Links to Dealers

New Boat Dealers / Yacht Brokers

During the course of delivering thousands of boats all around North America, our drivers and dispatchers have learned which dealers are the most accommodating. These are some of our favorites:

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Links to Ship Yards

During the course of thousands of overland boat deliveries all around North America, our drivers and dispatchers have learned which dealers, shipyards and marinas are the most accommodating. Here are some of our favorites:

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Come Work With Us

Boats of All Types and Sizes

Boat Owners, Dealers and Manufacturers love Joule Yacht Transport when it comes to moving power boats, sail boats and yachts overland. We take pride in every boat transport, large or small.  

USDOT # 74296 Safety Rating

We are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as USDOT # 74296. Our boat transport safety rating is the highest possible and can be found at www.SaferSys.org.

USDOT Certified Yacht Transport


Higgins Boat Transported by Joule Yacht Transport

We are honored to be involved with the WWII Veterans History Project in saving the remaining Higgins Boats LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) that were used in amphibious operations during WWII.

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Custom Trailers

Every boat transport job is custom. Whether we’re hauling the 100th boat from a manufacturer or the first boat for a proud owner, we look at each boat haul as a custom job. Our trailers are adaptable to any shape and size boat. If you have a unique yacht hauling situation, we have fabricators on staff that can create or modify a trailer specifically for your vessel.

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