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The Specialists – We don’t haul lumber or gravel.  We only haul boats and yachts. This attention to a specialized industry has earned us the reputation as THE SPECIALISTS in overland yacht and boat transport.

Experience – The Joule Yacht Transport fleet of trucks and trailers have logged millions of miles traversing North America transporting boats and yacht of just about every type for over 60 years. Recreational, racing, commercial and military have all been handled by Joule Yacht Transport with care and diligence. We have earned the reputation for being innovative and accommodating when it comes to yacht hauling.  Our fleet of trucks and trailers have logged millions of miles traversing North America transporting boats from coast to coast. Our experienced operators, many of whom have been hauling large loads for over 10 years, have logged thousands of hours taking care of the unique needs of boat and yacht hauling.

60 Years of Boat and Yacht Transport


During the course of thousands of boat hauls, our drivers and dispatchers have learned which routes are most efficient for large loads and which shipyards and marinas are the most accommodating to deliveries and transfer during boat transport.


Friendly and Helpful – Our staff will provide you with all the information and assistance you need to move your boat. We will provide step-by-step instructions on how the boat hauling process works – from preparing your boat for shipment day to arranging for delivery. We will make every effort to be friendly and helpful during your boat transport. 

Insurance - All Joule Yacht Transport boat hauling jobs are insured for $2,000,000 by our Insurance Carrier. This coverage assures that your investment will be protected while it’s on our trailers. Our safety record and long list of satisfied boat transport clients speaks volumes about the care we take in moving your investment. 

Safety Ratings Joule Yacht Transport (USDOT # 74296) is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Our boat transport safety rating is the highest possible and can be found at www.SaferSys.org.

This safety rating is determined by a compliance review, an on-site examination of motor carrier operations, maintenance and inspection, driver qualification, commercial drivers' license requirements, financial responsibility, accidents, hazardous materials and other safety and transportation records to determine whether a motor carrier meets the safety fitness standard. 

Moving your boat can be a daunting task. You may ask; How do I prepare it for shipment? How long will it take?  What marinas can accommodate the transfer?  MoveMyBoat.com has the answers to all of these questions and more.  In fact, we:

  • Have been moving boats for over 60 years
  • Maintain a large fleet of custom trailers to accommodate just about any boat
  • Have fabricators on staff who can create or modify a trailer for any boat transport
  • Know the most efficient routes to the best marinas for loading and  off-loading your boat with the least hassle
  • Provide experienced drivers who will take good care of your boat during its overland move
  • Every job is fully insured for $2,000,000

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Boats of All Types and Sizes

Boat Owners, Dealers and Manufacturers love Joule Yacht Transport when it comes to moving power boats, sail boats and yachts overland. We take pride in every boat transport, large or small.  

USDOT # 74296 Safety Rating

We are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as USDOT # 74296. Our boat transport safety rating is the highest possible and can be found at www.SaferSys.org.

USDOT Certified Yacht Transport


Higgins Boat Transported by Joule Yacht Transport

We are honored to be involved with the WWII Veterans History Project in saving the remaining Higgins Boats LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) that were used in amphibious operations during WWII.

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Custom Trailers

Every boat transport job is custom. Whether we’re hauling the 100th boat from a manufacturer or the first boat for a proud owner, we look at each boat haul as a custom job. Our trailers are adaptable to any shape and size boat. If you have a unique yacht hauling situation, we have fabricators on staff that can create or modify a trailer specifically for your vessel.

Yacht Transport