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JYT Dispatches with Retiring Dave Stratton

Pictured are Matt Jensen, Chad Berg, Dave Stratton, Ken Bachman and Barry Snell.

This month we will wish a Fond Farewell and a Happy Retirement to long time employee Dave Stratton.

In his 25+ years working in and heading up the Joule Yacht Dispatch office, Dave has welcomed and provided guidance to nearly every driver that has worked for us, ordered thousands of oversized permits, and counseled all of us with his knowledge of routing all over the US.

Dave began his career in the marine industry at Morgan Yachts, where he had the important assignment of loading Morgan sailboats of all sizes onto boat trailers for overland transport throughout the country.

Dave’s knowledge of all things associated with hauling boats is vast. He can talk a driver through a difficult loading scenario over the phone, painting a clear picture for the driver of what he needs to do to get the boat on the trailer the best way possible for transport. If we could only download the knowledge he carries in his brain, it would fill volumes… and there would still be some little detail that only Dave would remember about loading a certain boat a particular way or routing a certain way that even the state permitting office wouldn’t know about.

Dave is well-liked and greatly respected not only by his fellow employees at Joule Yacht, but also by the many customers and vendors he has dealt with over the years. He has taught a number of dispatchers during his tenure, and leaves behind a great dispatch team to guide Joule Yacht Transport in the years to come: Matt, Ken, Chad, and Barry.

We join all of our customers and employees in wishing Dave, his wife Nancy, his children, grandchildren, and—yes—great grandchild much fun, relaxation, happiness, good health, safe travels, and lots of fishing in the future!